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Rocket League OCE Championship – Mid Season Recap


110 teams entered the open Qualifiers for the Rocket League OCE Championship. Hungry to reach the heights of professional Esports and qualify for the RLCS World Championship. After two weekends of amazing Oceanic Rocket League, those 110 teams were narrowed down to just 6. 6 Teams that would join Chiefs and JAM Gaming in 5 weeks of League Play. We’re now halfway through the tournament, having just finished Week 2 of League Play, and things couldn’t be closer.

After 2 weeks of round robin League Play, 5 teams are are tied at 1st place with a 2 – 1 record, and two more right behind with a 1 – 2 record.


The Oceanic region has been getting better and better, and the competition is tight, but we didn’t expect it to be this close! With no front-runners, the competition has been turned on its head after Legacy took down Chiefs, and both Chiefs and JAM Gaming have taken losses despite their international world championship experience. Pale Horse, the team which came out of nowhere during Throwdown Season 3, coming 2nd, have a great run through to the finals. They have taken down two previous repeat LAN Finalists JAM Gaming and Avant Gaming. Our rookies of the season, Conspiracy and Noizee isn’t toxic, are still growing through this, but Conspiracy has taken the lead and we’re looking for them to make a run against the competition.


Match of Week 1 – Avant Gaming vs Chiefs

Avant Gaming vs Chiefs would be the match that sets the tone for the Rocket League OCE Championship Season. Avant Gaming have consistently come in 4th place during their Throwdown Career, always ending in heartbreak at the end of the season. This would be their chance to bring it back against the reigning champions, Chiefs ESC (Previously Alpha Sydney). While expectations were in favour of a dominant looking Chiefs, this series was taken down to the wire. In the end, Chiefs ESC clinched out the series, and took themselves to a comfortable 2 – 0 on the standings, top of the ladder, and put themselves in a great position to qualify for the PAX Finals.

Watch the Avant vs Chiefs series on Twitch


Match of week 2 – Pale Horse vs JAM Gaming

Pale Horse and JAM Gaming is a match we have been looking forward to since the beginning of the season. This is the rematch of the Throwdown Season 3 Grand Final, in which JAM Gaming became champions with a strong 4 – 1 performance. Pale Horse has been swiftly rising in the ranks after appearing out of nowhere, and questions have been asked about whether Pale Horse could be one of the two teams that qualifies for the World Championship. This series would prove that Pale Horse do have what it takes. A very close series, but Pale Horse defeat the returning international team, JAM Gaming. This bodes well for Pale Horse, as it is likely they will face JAM Gaming once again at PAX.

Watch the Pale Horse vs JAM Gaming series on Twitch


We’re excited to see the teams perform this weekend, as they make their way to the world championship. In international news, North America has become a true region to reckon with, and the EU competition has become incredibly close. The Oceanic teams are going to have a difficult road to the top of the competition, but we expect them to do even better in Season 4. Good luck to the team!

Tune in at 11AM AEDT Sunday (5PM PST Saturday) as we find out who can separate themselves from the competition, and pave their way to the World Championship